SnapStaffTM helps you manage your scheduling quickly, easily, and reliably. Read below to learn about our top features.
Smart Scheduling

SnapStaffTM is a smart scheduling tool. It assists professionals to pick their own shifts and prevent unforeseen scheduling conflicts. We find professional caregivers that are best suited for the clients. SnapStaffTM provides a bigger picture of the scheduling by providing different views of the calendar that assists agencies with better forecasting. Through SnapStaffTM, the organizations can automatically fill in shifts from pre registered professional that have opted for availability. This allows organizations to always fill in their shifts and know who is available for duty and when. Our system makes scheduling easier with the capacity for supporting large agencies.

Staff Management

Managing all the information of the staff can be often costly and time consuming. That is where SnapStaffTM can come in very handy as it keeps all the staff records in one system and works to ensure that whatever information is needed can be retrieved in one click. SnapStaffTM would prevent scheduling of overtime that could be costly for organizations. The system is designed in a manner that would not schedule overtime unless the organizations decided to relax the rules. This system allows keeping on duty hours up to date and provides support to organizations administrators with their payroll in a click.

Caregiver Web Connection

This platform is accessed anywhere when there is internet connection either using their computer or other smart devices. It gives scope to organizations to send shifts in a click to everyone registered in the system and in turn allows caregivers to accept shifts in the real-time. It prevents organizations from staff shortages, excessive work load, and hindering the quality of services.

Clock In & Out by Telephony or GPS

SnapStaffTM platform allows professionals to save time by moving away from Old-Fashion Time Sheet Tracking and get high quality documentation by recording the actual arrival and departure time when caregivers visits the organization.
It is a smart and efficient way to keep track of time cards for workers. Clocking in and Out is integrated in the SnapStaffTM software and it automatically calculates hours for billing and payroll calculation.

Built-In Maps

Our system facilitates the professionals to always be on time when they are visiting client’s homes or organizations. Maps pop up by a click that shows the fastest way to reach the location by avoiding excessive traffic and get clear directions where it might not be clear.

Bookkeeping Tools

SnapStaffTM gives you the tools to manage your organization in a smarter way. Information is provided for clients billing and payroll that saves time and avoid mistakes for the organization. Our system has the capacity to support varied paying rates. Although our software comes with these benefits for the organization our intention is not to replace accounting system but make it more accurate by providing more data for the efficient functioning of the system.

Reaching the right professionals, managing them, and filing the shifts in the real time is no longer perceived as a challenge for the organizations. SnapStaffTM is the all in one solution staffing management using web based platform.

Crisis Management

Today it has become important for organizations to cope with unexpected events that not only harm the organization but also trigger a sense of insecurity among service beneficiaries. Organizations must be prepared to face these inevitable threats and come out from them without much difficulty.

Efficiency in management

Efficiency is all about doing the right things and doing them extremely well. This requires structured processes and right tools at different levels. SnapStaffTM provides organization to achieve higher level of target and increase profitability. By presenting the opportunity for greater visibility and feedback SnapStaffTM develops an agile based approach to staffing management.

Lower initial cost & scalability

SnapStaffTM uses a cloud based platform.In essence, cloud computing is a new approach to IT infrastructure and opportunity for more efficient use of computer resources. Using this does neither require an IT infrastructure, additional hardware, nor bandwidth. Organizations can manage their professionals anytime from anywhere. Only thing that requires is to be connected to the internet. SnapStaffTM would support the business growth without expenses change to your existing system.

Dedicated Support

Need a little help logging in? Don’t fret our team are here to help you. You can either view our online user guide or contact the team.


SnapStaffTM  is designed to manage your crew members better. It understands first line workflows and what comes with work shortage: absenteeism, workplace related accidents, and etc. In case of unseen shortage of staff manager can rely on this tool to quickly, promptly and efficiently address the issue. It is a staffing solution available at the palms of the managers.

SnapStaffTM generates a personalized ID for all the staff which allows each and everyone to have personalized dashboard where they update their availability and view additional opportunities for the work that they can avail.

SnapStaffTM is a user friendly system that can be accessed from multiple devices allowing user to accept, book, and apply for new shifts. Caregivers have the choice to be contacted in their preferred means of communication (email, phone call, and SMS)

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